Our Plugs

Our plants are grown in plug trays that come in four configurations:

  • 98 deep cavities
  • 128 cavities
  • 128 deep cavities
  • 200 cavities
We also offer EOG option on our plugs. This option uses less packaging and cuts cost on courier fees. (5% handling fee charged on EOG plugs.)

A – 128 Deep cavity

B – 128 cavity

C – 200 cavity

What are the benefits of growing in plug trays?

Plug trays provide a controlled environment for seedlings, promoting uniform growth and minimizing competition among plants. This results in stronger, healthier seedlings with well-developed root systems. Additionally, plug trays make it easier to manage and transport seedlings, reducing the risk of transplant shock when moving them to the garden or larger pots.

Our plug trays and EOG plants are carefully packed into boxes to ensure the safe delivery of high-quality plants to destinations nationwide.