Afro Indigenous is a reputable Indigenous Seedling and Plant Wholesale Nursery based in Centurion, South Africa

Our extensive range of plant seeds are carefully sourced from various regions across South Africa, as well as our production farm in Limpopo. Our offerings extend beyond plants, as we also specialize in contract growing of plant plugs, along with contract seed harvesting.

Established in March 2010, Afro Indigenous boasts a highly experienced team with a collective knowledge spanning over 25 years. Guided by a shared set of values and a shared vision, we take pride in being part of an industry that champions an eco-friendly environment. With the motto “Every seed counts,” we are enthusiastic about contributing to the conservation of our magnificent country.


Nurturing the Future of Flora: Discover Our Exceptional Collection of Seeds

We supply to both local and international customers.


Diverse Selection & Quality: Browse Our Wholesale Nursery for Premium Indigenous Plants & Selected Exotics

We offer Plant Plugs and Bagged Plants

Our plugs are available in:

  • 98 Deep Trays
  • 128 Trays
  • 128 Deep Trays
  • 200 Trays 
  • EOG
Our bagged plants are available in:
  • 2 Lit
  • 3 Lit
  • 4 Lit
  • 5 Lit
  • 20 Lit
  • EOG/Splits
These bag sizes are preferred by most landscapers.

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